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Why You Should Choose Beth Israel Memorial Chapel

Sometimes the death of a loved one comes suddenly and without any warning and at other times, we know that death is near. In each case, the loss of someone you love is a devastating and emotional human experience. Those who we love are such an important part of the fabric of our lives, and it is never easy when they are separated from us.

Choosing the right Funeral Home is often the first step in preparing for death and dealing with the emotional decisions that must be made during the time of loss. At the time of a funeral, you need a trusted professional to assist you in making the decisions, which make you and your family feel comfortable. You need to know that the funeral director you have chosen will be honest about the processes, the procedures, and the costs. This person will be like a trusted family member in your time of need and will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve.

In today's world, service professions, such as Funereal Homes, are changing rapidly.  Because of corporate buyouts that focus only on the bottom-line, there is ever more reason to choose one's funeral director with care. As an independently owned and   operated firm, we believe in the importance of the recognition and meaningful celebration of a life that has been lived and we will assist you in arranging an appropriate
service to meet all your individual and spiritual needs.

We  recognize and respect the unique and sacred traditions of the faiths that we serve, and we honor those traditions by offering the highest standard of care and, maintaining prices for services and merchandise that are among the lowest in the Central New   Jersey area. We encourage you to compare our prices with those of other local firms, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

We offer our sincerest thanks for choosing us, and we give you our assurance that we will be available to assist you in any way we can, for however long you may need us.