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Traditional Graveside Service Starting at $3,850

Many Jewish families today choose the graveside service as the traditional method of burial. Our charges for this service, as provided for in our General Price List includes: the basic services of the funeral director and staff, the unassisted local transfer of the deceased to the funeral home, basic sanitary care, dressing, casketing and, local transportation by hearse to the cemetery, accompanied by a licensed funeral director who will conduct the graveside services. Our charge for this service, excluding the cost of a casket, and any other merchandise and/or services desired or required is $3,695.

Because of many variables, certain third party and cash disbursement charges are required to conduct your funeral. These charges will be provided to you during the arrangement conference, in writing, on our Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected. Typical third party charges include, but are not limited to, cemetery charges, rabbi's honorarium, the cost of death certificates and burial permit, gratuities, obituary notices and, any other items which you may ask us to provide for you. We will also advise you if there are any items which you are required to purchase in order to satisfy any legal or other requirements. Generally, in the New Jersey and New York area, you can expect to incur from $1,000 to $1,500 or more in cash disbursement charges for your funeral.

Our Basic Orthodox Casket

Batesville 52X




Optional Services and Merchandise

Optional items which you may wish to add to Beth Israel Memorial Chapel's basic graveside service:

  • Shomer
  • 7-Passenger Limousine(s)
  • Newspaper Obituaries
  • Acknowledgment Cards

Unlike some funeral homes which charge you for temporary grave markers and Yahrzeit calendars, we provide them to our families as part of our services. We also provide a shiva candle for the house of mourning, yarmulkes, veils, keriah ribbons and kaddish cards without any charge for your service.